Frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, each of which has a particular need that they address. Frames are a part of how you see and how others see you. They can be practical or used as an accessory. Whichever style you may choose function and fit should still be the primary factors in your choice of eyewear.


Patients looking to have their frames blend into its surroundings have many choices to achieve their goal. Smaller frames with matte, antique or brushed finishes will have a tendency to disappear. The colors may match your hair color or skin tone to fit in with your facial features. These frames will blend in exactly the same at all times because your face and hair generally remain unchanged from day to day, forming a consistent style. Relaxed-look frames form a match between function and style without being plain or boring.


Patients who wear formal or semi-formal clothes or jewelry may choose a frame to complement their look. Frames with shinier colors such as gold or silver may complement their jewelry. Engravings or intricate design work on eyewear may complete a professional image. Combinations of these designs can lead to numerous styles to suit your particular lifestyle needs.


Patients who want to be different in their choice of frames may choose a more artistic look. These frames are generally a thicker plastic material. The darker colors and thicker frames draw more attention to the eyewear in a stylish, fun, and dare-to-be different look. Artistic frames are seen much sooner on your face by others without the flashiness of accessory frames.

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