Contact Lens

Disposable Contact Lens

Disposable contact lenses are the most widely used lens today. They offer a comfortable fit, great vision, and an economical price. There are many different types of lenses that people wear including daily throwaway, daily wear, extended wear, and frequent replacement lenses. You and your doctor will determine the best wearing schedule for you depending on your eyes and lifestyle requirements. Disposable contacts are made in clear, light tints, and opaque tints. They are also made for patients with astigmatism or bifocal needs. The thin material offers considerable comfort for people and the lens do not require extensive cleaning as other contacts may. Depending on your eyes, this type of contact is worn for one day, one week, two weeks, 4 weeks, or 3 months before being discarded. Most disposable contact lens are sold in units of 3, 4, 6 or 30 lens in a box allowing you to spend less time shopping for replacements.

Soft Contact Lens

Soft contact lenses offer a comfortable fit and great vision. They may be worn as a daily or extended wear contact lens, depending on the doctor's recommendation. Since this type of contact is worn for around one year it must be properly cleaned to avoid discomfort or reduced vision due to various build-up on the lens. Soft lens use has declined with the advancement of disposable contact lenses.

Gas Permeable Contact Lens

Patients with a large amount of astigmatism or an inability to obtain the acuity they need may be evaluated for gas permeable contact lenses. Gas permeable contacts are custom made for your eyes. They allow the doctor to control precisely how the contact should fit your cornea, giving a better fit for patients that are not good candidates for other contact lens types. Gas permeable lens must be removed daily and since the lens is worn for a year or longer it must be properly cleaned.

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