Our on site doctor is Dr. Denise Fletcher King O.D. She is available by appointment from Wednesday until Friday during regular business hours. We also accept walk-ins.

Our doctors of optometry provide our patients with routine eye examinations. The eye examination consists of various short procedures to evaluate your ocular health. Although the procedures may be short in nature, together they reveal the true condition of your eyes. The examination will include a refraction for your best possible acuity and it will show the prescription you will need to ensure that you receive great vision.

A routine eye examination consists of external, internal, refractive, and binocular examinations. Other procedures may be required based on the findings of your optometrist.

A slit lamp biomicroscope is used for the external examination of the eye with magnification. Using the slit lamp, your optometrist will evaluate the precorneal film, cornea, anterior chamber angle, anterior chamber, iris, crystalline lens, eyelids and conjunctiva.

An instrument used to examine the internal portions of the eye is called a ophthalmoscope. The crystalline lens, vitreous body, ocular fundus, optic nerve, optic disk, retina and macular are all examined for anomalies which may affect your ocular health and vision.

A keratometer is used to measure the front surface of the cornea. This test will help determine the amount of astigmatism and fitting of contact lenses. It is also used in determining the cause lower visual acuity.

A tonometer is used to measure the internal pressure of the eye. Glaucoma is an increase in the pressure of the fluid in the eye that may cause damage to the retina and optic nerve.

A phoropter is used in determining the best possible prescription for your eyes. The device uses a combination of prescription lenses to simulate spectacles. You and your optometrist refine the prescription needed through the moving of the lenses in the phoropter. These devices and procedures are only part of the procedure ensuring the complete examination of your ocular health and vision.

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